• Each prover is vapor equipped to eliminate vapor loss.
  • Full stock of meters necessary for replacement if the existing meter cannot be calibrated to zero.
  • Meters are sealed after calibration with seals bearing the company name (abbr.) and a separate serial number that is noted on the work order.
  • Efficiency: We can run 48 (5) gallon test before we need to dump any fuel therefore our provers remain constant while reducing technician fatigue and potential errors going to the tank field after each 5 gallon test ,thus saving down time and money. Full station calibration in hours not days.
  • Accuracy: our goal is to set each hose to zero.
  • Accountability: Each location will receive a work order stating the reading prior to calibration and the reading after adjustment, gallons pumped and fuel temperature as requested with a serialized seal wire attached and noted on the work order.