Loss Calculations

Here is an easy way
to calculate your lost profits:

At $2.35 910 per gallon:

One cubic inch of fuel cost = 1.02 cents
100,000 gallons per month = $204.24
Approximate annual loss = $2,450.91

Bottom Line

Meter Calibration must be as near zero as possible


You shouldn't wait for the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures to check the accuracy of your meters. Have Petroleum Standards test them for you. They may only need a field adjustment, or if they need more, we can also replace them with meters that will assure accurate dispensing.

How Much Fuel Are You Giving Away?

Approximate Annual Loss
From Meters One Cubic Inch Out Of Calibration

Gallons Pumped
Per Month
Sale price per Gallon -- Amount of $$ Lost Per Year
At $2.50 per gallon At $3.50 per gallon At $4.00 per gallon
25,000 $649.56 $909.36 $1,039.20
50,000 $1,298.76 $1,818.24 $2,077.92
75,000 $1,948.20 $2,722.48 $3.117.12
100,000 $2,579.40 $3,636.36 $4,155.84
250,000 $6,493.56 $9,090.96 $10,389.60

How Much Can You Afford To Lose?

Call Petroleum Standards to calibrate your meters. No matter what type of meter, we have the parts and knowledge to correct meter problems and help your business be more profitable.