Important Facts

  1. Inaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars in lost profits each year, even when they are within the nationally accepted tolerance
  2. If you have a meter off by just one cubic inch per 5 gallons, you give away almost one gallon (.8658) per one thousand gallons pumped. If you pump 50,000 gallons per month, through out-of-calibration meters, you give away 43.29 gallons every month.
  3. A meter that is off by 6 cubic inches (the allowable tolerance in most states) gives away almost 260 gallons per 50,000 dispensed. And that means you're pumping away profits!


If you're wondering if, to allow for anticipated wear, your meters can be adjusted to your advantage within the allowable tolerance that answer is -- NO!

"Equipment in service at a single place of business found to be in error predominantly in a direction favorable to the device user and near the tolerance limit shall not be considered maintained in a proper operating condition"

-Weights and Measures Handbook 44