• State of the art calibration equipment certified to NIST standards by the state of Pennsylvania mounted on a flat bed truck exclusively designed for fuel dispenser calibration only.
  • 3- 5 gallon Seraphin ā€œJā€ style Stainless Steel Provers mounted to 3 separate but manifolded 80 gallon Stainless Steel storage tanks equipped with separate leveling mechanism for each prover.
  • 1- 60 gallon Stainless Steel Prover for high speed Diesel dispensers independently leveled and mounted on top of a 240 gallons stainless Steel storage tank.
  • 1- 100 gallon Stainless Steel Prover designed to calibration up to 100 gpm for volumetric tank meters and delivery trucks.
  • 1- 5 gallon Standard Neck Prover exclusively for DEF, to avoid cross contamination.
  • Each prover is vapor equipped to eliminate vapor loss.
  • Full stock of meters necessary for replacement if the existing meter cannot be calibrated to zero.
  • Meters are sealed after calibration with seals bearing the company name (abbr.) and a separate serial number that is noted on the work order.